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About the organization and how it started

Wardsboro Curtain Call, Inc., plans, promotes,  and produces a variety of  entertainment events  in Wardsboro's Town Hall for the enjoyment  of Wardsboro residents, visitors, and friends from neighboring towns. We are a small volunteer group of Wardsboro residents with a great interest in bringing entertainment to Wardsboro's Town Hall. 


Before WCC began producing shows, the group's mission was to make improvements to Wardsboro Town Hall's stage area. Thanks to lots of fundraising throughout 2014, plus many generous donations and a Cultural Facilities grant award from the Vermont Arts Council, WCC was able to acquire, conserve and install a set of antique hand-painted scenic backdrop curtains. At that time, the stage was cleaned and painted, and later, we added new red velvet theater curtains. Kevin Sabin generously donated his services to sand and refinish the stage flooring. In 2015, WCC funded theater lighting improvements to better illuminate the stage.


The following year, Wardsboro's Select Board purchased new chairs and had the floor refinished on the second floor.  Just last year, WCC used remaining funds from the earlier curtain effort and donations from anonymous supporters to install new carpeting in the building’s foyer and up the stairs to the second floor.

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