January 14 and 29

February 11 and 25

March 11 and 25

Special Notice! The clinic will keep to its schedule for now however Dr.B. advises that everyone must practice social distancing and must wash their hands upon arriving at and departing from Town Hall.

Hours are held from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm in the Town Hall on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, with occasional changes to the dates when Holidays occur.

Look for time and day updates on local bulletin boards

and as posted at town office and at town hall.

Watch for changes of dates around holidays.

Volunteer care givers are Sue Clark (RN) and Bob Backus (MD).


• We do not charge for any services.
• Donations to the town are accepted to keep the heat and the lights on.
• Listen to your needs.
• Take your blood pressure on each arm.
• Check your pulse and your oxygen saturation.
• Take your weight (if you agree).
• Treat minor illnesses.
• Provide sound medical referral advice to area health care services, area community health care teams, and to medical caregivers.(If you do not have one we can help you find one).
• We have health care educational materials on Diet, Exercise, Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, Smoking, Problems with Addiction, Hypertension, Heart Disease, COPD, and on what Home Health Care Families can do.
• We do encourage your feedback at any time, positive or negative.


• We do not take insurance or charge you.
• We do not do Workman's Comp.
• We do not do paps or pelvics.
• We do not do lab tests.
• We do not prescribe controlled substances.
• We do not do radiology procedures.
• We do not fill prescriptions for your regular medications obtained from other health care providers.

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