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Updated September 2020

Early and Absentee Voting in Wardsboro

Call the Town Office (802) 896-6055 or go to this website:

EARLY VOTING, ABSENTEE VOTING and In-PERSON VOTING in the November 3, 2020 General Election - read more...>

Town of Wardsboro  Job Posting - Library Director - read more...>

"Take Out" Books at the Wardsboro Public Library - read more...>

Wardsboro, got food scraps?  Memo from the Town Office on composting laws - read more (and print it out)...>

YouTube - Watch the 2020 Pop Up July 4th Parade in Wardsboro  - free video 4 1/2 minutes - view...>

Wardsboro Town Office - open by appointment - call 802-896-6055

Send in your community updates and news items...>

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