Annual Town Meeting - Important Update...>

Where can I get information on Voter Registration in Wardsboro?

Go to the Town Office on Main Street and speak with the Town Clerk, or visit the State's website here...>

Why is this not the official town website?

The Town of Wardsboro DOES NOT wish to have an official town website. For all Official Town Business, contact the Town Clerks Office. I am a private citizen living in Wardsboro and I do this website about things around town totally free and on my own time as a community service. This site is privately owned and the content herein does not reflect the opinions or approval of the Town of Wardsboro.  It is not for profit. Here are the full details about how it's paid for...>

Where can I find free Wi FI in Wardsboro?

At the Town Hall on Main Street and at the Library on Main Street - read more...>

Where can I get a copy of the Annual Town Report?

It's not online, but you can pick up a free copy at the Town Office on Main Street.

Where can I find all the demographic facts about Wardsboro?

Try this link to City Data...>

Where do we vote or register to vote?

Town Office, Main Street

Can anyone attend selectboard meetings?  

Yes, it's a public meeting. See this page for times, dates, and info...>

When is the dump open? 

Tues.  Fri 12 - 5  Sat.Sun and Mon 9-5  Closed Wed. and Thurs.

Where can I buy DUMP STICKERS for my trash bags?

At the dump shack when the dump is open with a check. No cash.

UPDATE! Town transfer station  - 2022 fee more>

By cash or check at Town Office - open Monday though Thursday, closed for lunch 12 - 1

Is recycling trash mandatory? 

Yes- everything must be tossed into the correct bins at the dump. It's not rocket science. However, not all plastics, cans and bottles are treated the same - check with the person on duty about all that.

What's the story on composting laws?

Check with the attendant at the town dump about the composting laws and specific rules.

Can people dump yard waste at the town dump?

Yes, ask the attendant for the exact location of where to dump yard waste.

When is Wardsboro's 4th of July Parade and Street Fair?

Normally it is on on the 4th of July, rain or shine, unless the 4th is a Sunday then it's the day before or after - check with the event organizers here...>

Can renters and seasonal residents get a library card at the Wardsboro Public Library?

Yes! Go directly to the Wardsboro Public Library's website...>

When is the Gilfeather Turnip Festival?

It's usually near the end of October on a Saturday - it's an event run by the Friends of the Wardsboro Library. - more info about

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