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Why is this not the official town website?

The Town of Wardsboro DOES NOT wish to have an official town website. I am a private citizen living in Wardsboro and I do this website about things around town totally free and on my own time as a community service. This site is privately owned and the content herein does not reflect the opinions or approval of the Town of Wardsboro.  It is not for profit. Here are the details about how it's paid for...>

Where can I find free Wi FI in Wardsboro?

At the Town Hall on Main Street and at the Library on Main Street.

When is Wardsboro's 4th of July Parade and Street Fair?

Normally it is on on the 4th of July, rain or shine, unless the 4th is a Sunday then it's the day before or after - check with the event organizers here...>

Can renters and seasonal residents get a library card at the Wardsboro Public Library?

Yes! Go directly to the Wardsboro Public Library's website...>

Where can you ask questions about the Gilfeather Turnip Festival?  Email

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