Wardsboro, Vermont   05355
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Hermit Thrush Vermont State Bird

Red  Clover Vermont State Flower

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a copy of the Annual Town Report? It's not online, but you can pick up a free copy at the Town Office on Main Street.

Where can I find all the demographic facts about Wardsboro? Try this link to City Data.

Can anyone attend selectboard meetings?  Yes, it's a public meeting. See this page for times, dates, and info.

When is the dump open?  See the list on the left side  <<<< over there.

Is recycling trash mandatory?  Yes, since July 1, 2014 - everything must be tossed into the correct bins at the dump. It's not rocket science.

Important Phone Numbers     AREA CODE 802

Town Office (Town Clerk)   896-6055

        HOURS: Mon to Thurs 9 to 12, reopens 1 to 4:30

Listers' Office   896-1001

Town Garage   896-6542  


          Mon, Tues and Fri  - 12 to 5

          Sat and  Sub  - 9 to 5   (closed Wed and Thurs)

Public Library   896-6988   

            HOURS: Mon and Thurs  - 10 to 1

                            Tues and Wed   - 2 to 7

                             Sat  - 10 - 1 (closed Fri and Sun)

Elementary School     896-6210

Constable   275-0009

Constable   896-6641

Animal Control   896-6641   

Fire Dept. Office (non-emergency)     896-6760  

Post Offices

Wardsboro -05355     896-6361       

West Wardsboro/Stratton -05360    896-6118


Community Food Pantry    874-7234

Community Lunch once a month, $3.50   896-6202

Gilfeather Turnip Proposed as the Official Vermont State Vegetable

January, 2015 - House Bill HS65. Call or write your State Representative to voice your support for this Bill to go to the floor of the Legislature for a 


Bill Co-Sponsor:   Laura Sibilia   lsibilia@leg.state.vt.us   

(802) 348-7131

While You're Digging up the Garden...


to the Friends' Annual Plant Sale before May 15 -- email info@friendsofwardsborolibrary.org to get some free pots for transplanting and to find out when and how to donate plants.

This fundraiser supports the town's public library.



Now installing underdrain  in the section from Lower Podunk Road to the intersection with VT 30 in Jamaica.  They are also resetting guardrail in this section of the project.

There are one-lane closures around construction activities with minimal delays.
Feel free to contact Jacque Dqgeese directly with any questions. Click here for email.


4th of July Parade & Street Fair Volunteers Needed!

Call 802 -896-6141